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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [04.05.05]
Manufactured by: NZXT


A Little Bit Less of The Bling

After two shots into the Gaming Case market, NZXT has taken a step back and decided to tone things down a bit. The Trinity case, which we are reviewing today, is the first from their "Classic" line of cases. Hoping to grab a share of the lucrative mainstream market, NZXT has attempted to create a lineup of cases that are both eye catching and affordable.

If anything, NZXT has at least come out with one of the best slogans ever to describe a case. "Just Sexy" makes me think of one of two things, either a hot red sports car, or that horrible old Right Said Fred "song". Let's hope that the case itself is more of the former and none of the latter.

Mirror Mirror...Meow!

Straight out of the box, the Trinity makes a great first impression with its sleek mirrored front bezel.

I included my cat in the shot, not because I'm pathetic like that, but to help illustrate just how nice the finish is on the front of the case. She was wandering around in front of me while I was taking the pictures and after seeing her perfect reflection in the front bezel got scared and hid where you see her now.

Notice the small LED display located near the bottom of the bezel. This display is connected to a single temperature probe inside the case that can be placed on any component within the case whose temperature you'd like to monitor. The LED screen is backlit blue to match the rest of the case lighting.

Note that the front bezel is not the only good spot to check your hair. Just like the Nemesis case from NZXT, the Trinity has a nice mirror finish all the way around.

Currently the only versions of the Trinity we've been able to find in the retail market are a black version with a window and 400W PSU for $82.50 at, and a silver version, also with a window and 400W PSU, for $89.50 at

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