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By: Carl Nelson [03.31.05]
Manufactured by: DFI 

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Ethernet Performance

We used NTTCP to test Ethernet throughput and CPU usage performance. The host system was an Intel 925X motherboard, with a Marvell PCI-E adapter.

Although they are both based on the NF4 controller, the Ultra-D outperforms the Gigabyte board. At 943 mb/s, we are very close to reaching 'true gigabit' performance here! This is thanks to the PCI-E platform, which provides an ample amount of bandwidth to the device (compare the Soltek number, which uses a PCI based GigE adapter).

Unfortunately, NF4 solutions have a lot to be desired in terms of CPU usage.

USB & FireWire Performance

To test USB2.0 and FireWire performance, we connected an external USB 2.0 hard drive to the bus, and ran HDTach's Quick 8MB test. Average Read and Write speeds are given, as well as a CPU usage test, which has a margin of error of +/- 2%

Does this chart look messed up or what? Looking at the FireWire scores, you can see that the Gigabyte board was going haywire during our tests. And on the USB2.0 tests, the Soltek board was running at USB1.1 speeds - something I was unable to fix.

At the very least, it's nice to see that DFI has both adapters working the way they should :)

The high USB and FireWire CPU usage is disconcerting. They aren't too bad however, when you consider the +/-2% margin of error in these tests.

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