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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [03.29.05]
Manufactured by: Zalman



Installation was a piece of cake. Take off old heatsink, attach a couple of nipples with rubber grommets, add the backplate and finally, attach the heatsink. I ended up with a video card that looked like this.

This HSF was big, but surprisingly, no heavier than the stock HSF that came on the card. One nice thing about having such a big fan on this HSF is that air is blown over the ramsinks which further helps to keep it nice and cool.


The HSF was tested on a 5700 Ultra and temperature readings were taken from the Nvidia control panel and double checked with the temperature monitors built into the Silverstone TJ-05. Idle temperatures were taken after 10 minutes from a cold boot and load temperatures were taken after looping the 3d Mark 2003 demo at 1280*1024 with 4x AA.

The rotation for testing was stock/zalman/zalman low/stock/zalman/zalman low in order to further minimize errors. The numbers you see are an average of the two tests for each respective setting.

Here is how the Zalman stacks up against the stock Nvidia cooler.


Ok, I have to say it now, this HSF blew my mind. The temperature drops that can be achieved with this HSF is nothing short of amazing. Even with the fans set at 5V, the load temperature of the card only exceeded stock idle temperatures by a few degrees! What's more, this dead was dead silent at 5V and only slightly audible at 12V.

One thing to note here is that the GPU tested in this case is not the hottest and so it would be expected that for something like a 6800 Ultra, the temperature drops will not be as drastic as those achieved in this review. However, you can rest assured that it will be much quieter than the stock HSF that comes with your card.

The AlCu version we're reviewing today can be found for around $30 (we found it for $30.99 at ZipZoomFly, and $29.95 at PCToyLand). Compared to Zalman's previous GPU coolers, which are much more complicated and robust, the price does seem high. However, there's not much else out there to compare to, and that's not to say the VF700 doesn't offer as many features as you'll ever need...

Easy installation, great construction quality, great performance and extremely low noise levels. This is definitely deserving of an award.

  • High quality construction
  • Cools well
  • Low noise levels
  • Easy installation

  • Price
  • Takes up an extra expansion slot
  • Only two fan speeds

Final Score: 98%