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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [03.29.05]
Manufactured by: Zalman



Here at HCW, Zalman CPU coolers such as the CNPS7700-Cu and the Reserator have passed through our doors and earned the distinction of being among the best in their class. They offer high performance with an uncanny ability to do their job quietly. Of course, once you silence your CPU, you'll quickly notice other things making noise, such as your video card. To aid sufferers everywhere, Zalman has introduced their VF700 line which claims to offer the typical Zalman performance and low noise. We'll be looking at the VF700-AlCu today to see if it delivers as Zalman claims.

The Packaging

Of course, one would expect the packaging to contain a video card HSF and *gasp* it does! Pictured below is the nice shiny surface that Zalman provides for contact with your video card GPU.

Also included are ram sinks that are attached with thermal tape.

Finally, we have the mounting package with the assorted screws and nick-nacks you need to install the device. Note the molex to the top left of the screen. That's a neat little thing that allows you to choose power the fan on the heatsink with either 12v or 5v (silent mode). I especially liked the fact that Zalman included more 3 pin fan headers than that required for the HSF.

Time to install the sucker...

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