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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.23.05]
Manufactured by: Silex

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J&R Computer World: $129.88

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So that's great, it shares a USB connection...wirelessly, why should you care? Well here's the deal, there are two reasons why these PRICOM device servers from Silex are so great.


Whether you're at home or in an office, everyone knows how annoying it is to have to either have that USB device located within 6 feet of your computer (unless you're willing to shell out for an extra long USB cable), especially if it's a device that is being shared to multiple users.

With the SX-3700WB wireless USB device server my MFD is now located way over on the other side of my office, far from any computer and away from the clutter. Not even a network jack is needed, just two plug-ins, one for the printer and one for the USB server.


In a home or small office that doesn't require or can't afford a high end all-in-one copy/scan/print solution, this device can allow a MFD to become the next best thing. The ability to place a MFD in a central location and allow multiple users to not only print to, but scan directly from can save both space and money.

Consider even the cost of installing a network card into a laser printer. An HP jet direct can cost over $300, up to double the cost of a SX-3700WB. If you don't require wireless functionality, an SX-1000U, which is the exact same device but with an RJ45 network connection as opposed to a 802.11B wireless one, can be had for about half the price of this unit.

In terms of a cost effective network printing/scanning solution, the PRICOM lineup of USB device servers just can't be beat.

Basically if you're a business or home user that is sharing any type of USB device, especially a MFD, across a network using OS based network sharing, you absolutely owe it to yourself to have a look at one of Silex's USB device servers.

For me personally, just the convenience of having my MFD located on the other side of the room without having to run any messy USB extension cables would be enough to sell me. Having the ability now to direct print to and scan from the device on both my main computer and wirelessly from my laptop was just a giant added bonus.

The unit is however not without some bugs. Since installing the device just over a month ago, it has lost its connection to my wireless access point on more than one occasion, and I've had to either soft reboot the device or reload it's setting from a USB thumb drive in order for it to begin functioning again properly.

Also the documentation is adequate if you are able to follow the instructions through step by step, if however you run into any problems, there isn't a whole lot of support documentation in the manual. There is now a relatively thorough FAQ located online at Silex's website, however it would be nice to see a product support forum as well where users could ask specific support questions.

Would I recommend this device? Absolutely! Minor issues aside, the SX-3700WB is now a permanent mainstay in my home office and soon to be installed into two medium sized offices where I offer networking support. And for just around $130 online, the price is very reasonable.

  • Set your printers free!
  • Cheap Networking Printing Solution
  • Network USB Scanner Sharing!
  • JetAdmin Support
  • IP filter security

  • 802.11G support would be nice
  • Minor Bugs

Final Score: 90%