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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.23.05]
Manufactured by: Silex

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There are two ways to go about setting up the SX-3700WB device server, either through a direct wireless connection, or with a USB thumb drive. With the thumb drive setup, a saved configuration file is loaded onto the device automatically from a connected thumb drive as the device is powered on.

If you choose to run the setup through a direct wireless connection you'll first have to connect to the default "Group" computer-to-computer connection. The SX-3700WB uses a 802.11B wireless connection which should allow for sufficient range for most users. An upgrade to an 802.11G connection along with it's increased speed would be nice.

As you can see, my apartment complex has a large number of wireless users...many of which are unsecured. Why bother war"driving" when you can jump on a free connection from the comfort of your living room?

Aside from that, the setup is pretty straight forward. Using the supplied CD, you simply have to first run through the PRICOM setup to input your wireless configuration parameters, and then once that's done the device is connected to your network. Any storage volumes connected will be available as a network share. The device supports full speed USB2.0 connections. If you are using the device to share a MFP, regular printer, or scanner then you'd continue on through the print and scan utility setups.

Just a quick note on OS support here. The print server software is completely cross platform, supporting all major windows, mac and *nix releases. However the storage server works only on windows based networks (and only supports FAT based file systems), and the scanner utility functions only on Windows 2000 and newer machines.

Taking into consideration that the PRICOM USB Device Server line of products is aimed squarely at the Microsoft Windows dominated home and small office consumer market, lack of OS support shouldn't be a giant issue.

As a nice extra feature, the Print server is compatible with HPs JetAdmin/Web JetAdmin printer administration software. Also, the device is future proof in that it includes support for IPv6 based addressing.

After all the software installs have been completed you can administer and check the status of your USB device through a handy web based portal.

Within this web based portal you can also set up automatic (pop3) email printing for up to four different addresses. Basically the server can either print all emails which arrive at a selected address, or only ones which match a predefined filter. This feature could be especially useful for an office that has implemented a fax2email service.

In terms of a shared network user, printing and scanning to and from a MFP is absolutely seamless. The SX-3700WB acts as a true virtual device server in that users can scan and print to the shared device just like it was connected directly to their local machine through a USB connection.

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