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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.23.05]
Manufactured by: Silex

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Set your printers free...

The first time I had ever heard about Silex was at the recently completed CES. They had a small and unasumming booth setup with a bunch of USB devices hooked into what looked to be a bunch of simple hubs. Thankfully we took the time to stop and have a chat and find out more about those little white "hub" things.

Silex is based out of Osaka Japan. They have been providing networking products for OEM printer manufacturers for over ten years now and more recently have begun to release end user directed products. Their most recent product line is the PRICOM series of device servers of which the SX-3700WB is a member.

Pricom SX-3700WB

I'm sure many of your out there are wondering right about now, "what the heck is a USB device server anyway?"  Well, let me tell  you. Basically the device server allows any USB device plugged into it, whether it be a printer, scanner, or storage drive, to be shared across a network. In the case of of the SX-3700WB it's able to accomplish this as well as many other helpful tasks wirelessly. Before we get into the actual usage though, let's have a quick look at the device itself.

The unit comes bundled with only the bare essentials. The package includes a power adapter, installation CD as well as basic user manual. The manual we were sent was slightly incomplete as it did not include Windows XP SP2 support instructions; however all currently shipping models should include an updated version of the manual.

The device itself is nice and small weighing in at a meager 4.76 ounces and 80 x 100 x 28(mm).

As you can see there are three status lights on the front along with a reset button. Just a quick not for those of you who don't like to read the manual, the reset button has to be held down while powering the unit on for it to work.

Both the power and the USB input are located on the same side which makes it easier to either stow the unit away, or mount it on a wall.

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