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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.22.05]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

Lowest Price Finder: $70.05

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Doom 3

No video card review would be complete without including Doom 3 in the benchmarking mix; even for entry level cards.

Low quality settings were used, and shadows were disabled. Of course, no AA or Anisotropic Filtering effects were used either.

At this point, I almost regreted including the GMA 900 in the tests; they took so long to run! However it is important to show how important it is to upgrade to SOMETHING over integrated video at this time. The 6200TC and X300 are quite evenly matched here, almost able to muster up playable performance at 800x600. Of course, one of those cards is $70, while the other is $90 ;)

The $110 6600 does a LOT better, and you could probably even step up to Medium Quality if you ran at 800x600 and maybe disabled some more effects.


And where there's Doom, there's UT. This time we have UT2K4, set to 640x480 with all the settings at "Normal" or "Medium". Shadows were set to "Blob" and fog distance was 50%

Here we see a very similar pattern, again with the 6200TC and X300 falling off after increasing to 1024x768. For the first time, GMA 900 is able to come up with something remotely resembling a playable framerate, at 640x480.

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