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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.22.05]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

Lowest Price Finder: $70.05

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3dMark 05 Feature Tests

Fill Rate

To get an idea of where each card stands in terms of advanced features, we're going to look at the individual feature tests from 3dMark 05. Starting with fillrate results:

As expected, the ATI card excels slightly in single texturing, and the NVIDIA card does well with multi texture fill rate. What I didn't expect was for the GMA 900 to beat the 6600 in ANY tests!

So far, the $70 6200TC is keeping up with the $90 X300LE no problem.


Now to look at shader performance:

The use of PS3.0 is what allows the 6200TC to excel in the Pixel Shader test. Having PS3.0 support in a $70 card is a nice accomplishment! Of course, the X300 does very well in the Vertex Shader test, matching the performance of the 6600 - this isn't as great an accomplishment as I originally believed, since they are within $10 of each other in price.

As far as the GMA 900 goes, you can see why it performs so low now.

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