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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.22.05]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

Lowest Price Finder: $70.05

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The Bundle

Being a $70 card, I don't expect Gigabyte's 6200TC to come full to the brim with features and goodies. All of the basics are covered:

Knowing that the passively-cooled 6200TC would make a perfect HTPC card, the TV-out dongle supports only the higher end standards, S-Video, and Component video.

But for some strange reason, the only video cable included in the box was a composite cable! I am baffled by this; the card and dongle don't have a composite output at all! My hope is that this is a one-time error with an early review sample put together...

Being a $70 card, the software bundle is soft at best. You get a copy of "SpellForce", a game destined from the beginning for the bargain bin, and a copy of PowerDVD 5.

Of course you also get Gigabyte's own relatively useless tuning software. Coolbits is the way to go for GF cards I think.

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