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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [date=03.21.05]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake

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Going around to the side now, we find some audio ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports and a firewire port. For most gamers, this translates into, a headset, a game controller, a flash drive and an Ipod. Ok, maybe not the Ipod (c).

I should be introducing the outside now, but I couldn't resist. The case companies are finally listening to the consumers! That's the audio, firewire and USB headers for you. As you can see, no stupid pins! Of course, this leaves out those with non-standard motherboard pin headers, but can you remember the last time you saw one that wasn't the standard configuration?

Finally, above the ports, we see a lock that helps ensure that your door stays shut and protects the optical drives from things such as random insertions by little kids.

Moving to the side of the case, we see the honeycomb see through mesh with, in the words of Thermaltake, an "EMI Shield". For those who like to see the lights in their case, this is great. To me however, it seemed like a great way for dust to get into the case. Also note the little lock near the bottom of the handle. Don't want anyone getting into your case? Use that!

Flipping the case over we can see that this case has swing out plastic feet for extra stablity. This is a feature that's being used on more and more cases and I like it. That extra little big of stability goes a long way.

Finally, we get to the front intake fan. As you can see, there are big gaping holes that are unfiltered and thus would allow dust and random bits to get inside your case. Now that normally wouldn't be a big issue... except that in front of the 120mm instake fan, there's a mesh grill which makes me wonder, why bother?

Let's open up the shark!

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