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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [date=03.21.05]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake

Lowest Price Finder $159.99 $155.00 $151.93 $148.00

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Cases are interesting things to review because people either hate or love the exterior whereas the insides are all pretty similiar (just how many different ways can you think of to mount a power supply?). Especially now, more than ever, the market is competitive as ever and in order to succeed, manufacturers must use every single bit of innovation to give themselves a lead.

It's been a little over a year since we've looked at Thermaltake's offerings and if you recall correctly, the last case... wasn't so pretty. The Shark is one of a new line of cases, a sleeker, bluer Thermaltake. What do I mean by bluer? Well, they all have blue lights now it seems.

Fancy blue lights aside, this is one light case! Utilizing fully aluminum construction, this case is both light and fasionable (well, depending on your tastes). What's more, it's got a ton of space. As you can see from this picture, there are a whooping 5 5.25" bays and 2 3.5" bays exposed. Not bad at all!

A shot of the back reveals a nice big 120mm fan. Bigger fans mean more airflow at lower RPMs and lower noise. I'm all for that. Also note that this case does not come with a power supply. Note the convenient thumbscrews to the right of the case (where it opens). Also note the various circles on the back such as the two on the top left of the power supply. Those my friends, are holes to stick your water cooling gear into.

Price-wise, the Shark is well into the 'high end' realm, even for aluminum towers. The black version was found for around $155-159 at and TigerDirect. A little more searching revealed it to be as low as $148 at Unfortunately, that's as low as we could find on our list of trusted retailers.

The silver version is roughly the same price, although carries it for $159 - $4 more than the black version. mWave was once again the lowest price we found, at $148.

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