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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.15.05]
Manufactured by: Logitech



The entire diNovo set is instantly recognized by Windows, once you connect all three devices to the receiver. Range is quite good; about the same as the MX Duo, maybe a bit shorter.

Logitech's software has all the features you could need for a keyboard and mouse, including encryption to prevent people from sniffing your keystrokes.

As far as comfort, it really depends on what type of keyboard you're used to using. Some people still insist on 'clicky' keyboards like the old school IBM ones that drove me crazy in high school computer science class. If you're that type, the diNovo is certainly not for you.

Of course, if you're used to typing on a laptop, the diNovo keyboard will be a step up. It utilizes a full-sized layout, while maintaining a compact form-factor thanks to the separation of the keypad. As a replacement for your notebook keyboard, your desk may get a little cluttered. However if you just want to add the keypad and mouse, it would be easy to do so. Unfortunately, the keyboard itself will be left gathering dust.

The mouse itself is nothing special, except the fact that it is portable and has an on/off switch. At the very least, Logitech should have included side buttons for back/forward web navigation!

Logitech seemed to go after a few different groups with the diNovo. Depending on which you belong to, it may or may not be suitable for you.

Desktop Replacement - As a desktop replacement, I'd have to say there are better options out there. The MX 3100 we reviewed last month retails for about the same amount, and has a far better mouse, and 'true' full sized keyboard.

Notebook Replacement - If you're using an ultra-compact notebook for extended periods of time, it's likely that the cramped keyboard is driving you insane. If you want to use a standard keyboard with it, smaller would be better, and the diNovo fits that bill perfectly. The keyboard is nice and small, reducing desktop clutter as much as possible.

Another scenario would be to just use the keypad and mouse. If that's the case, $125 is a LOT to pay.

HTPC - If you're like me, you like to have a keyboard connected to your HTPC. And you have to admit, most desktop keyboards would simply be an eyesore in a home theatre environment. Thanks to its small size, and smart design, the diNovo set fits perfectly as an HTPC cordless desktop.

And finally, the ultimate solution would be a combination of the above scenarios. For instance, what if you want to use the keypad and mouse on your laptop, and the keyboard with your HTPC? Since the diNovo only comes with one receiver, you're either going to have some parts laying around doing nothing, or you'll have the most expensive calculator sitting on your desk.

  • Look great
  • $100 less than the Bluetooth version
  • Keypad doubles as a standalone calculator with thermometer
  • Wireless encryption
  • Mouse can be turned off

  • Only one receiver, which may render some of the components useless depending on scenario
  • Not a very good mouse
  • Only the mouse comes with a carrying case