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Gigabyte K8VT890-9 Motherboard -

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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.14.05]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

MSRP: $83

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So this entry-level board didn't get anything in the way of bundle, and the layout kind of sucked. How about CMOS features?

Here is the "Advanced Chipset" section, this is where the memory tweaks SHOULD be. Nothing to be found; in fact, I just set up the benchmarking platform to double check that I had the CMOS is "Advanced Mode" when I took these pictures. Sure enough, these are all the tweaks you'll get. At least they had 1T mode there (as oddly named as it is in this case).

Here is the "Health" page - not much here at all unfortunately. Although you get fan fail warnings, you do not get temperature warnings, or shutdown settings. Those are the very minimum features I'd like to see on a motherboard.

The Overclocking page is just as sparse as the rest of this board. CPU clock speed can be keyed in, from 200-255 MHz. CPU voltage is handled by percentages here; you can increase it by either 5, 7.5, or 10%. DIMM voltage can be increased by up to 0.3V, in 0.1V increments (that's right, only three selections). CPU ratios are available only in full multipliers (there are no x.5 selections at all).

All in all, a very disappointing CMOS.

As far as software goes, you get the basic Gigabyte suite - EasyTune 5, a Windows based OC util, FaceBIOS, to add a picture to the boot screen, etc. You do get Norton Internet Security though.

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