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Gigabyte K8VT890-9 Motherboard -

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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.14.05]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

MSRP: $83

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Gigabyte has nearly a perfect record when it comes to ATX placement. Unfortunately they don't do so well on the K8VT890-9. The 24 pin header is well done, but the 4 pin is way over on the other side of the CPU socket. Clean installation will be next to impossible with this kind of placement.

Just your standard rear panel layout here. Although 8 channel audio support is featured on the box, only the front 2 channel outputs are on the rear panel. No extra ports were in our sample box, although Gigabyte shipped one out to us as soon as they found out we didn't get one.

No digital audio out is to be found, nor is FireWire or dual Ethernet. Once again, we are reminded that this is very much an entry-level motherboard.

Let's count the hard drive ports on the motherboard - two PATA ports, and two SATA ports. So how many cables do we get? One of each. Even the SATA power adapter has a single port.

No other goodies are bundled with this board; something I am definitely not used to seeing from Gigabyte. You don't even get a single USB header!

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