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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.08.05]
Presented by: hardCOREware and FCCS 


Into the Evening

As day changed into night the PC gaming competitons began to grow fierce. With the preliminary tournament rounds complete and the semi finals on their way, the lights were dimmed to match the mood and intensity as the gaming heated up.

Of course, not everyone was fortunate enough to make it into the final rounds. Those that made an early exit occupied themselves with some l33t sk33t, a crazy match of Ricochet, and of course, Bawls tower building.

The Counter Strike 1.6 Tournament was intense all day long, and as we moved into the final rounds a projector was set up with a HLTV broadcast of the matches in progress in order to let everyone in on the action.

The Winners

Although everyone came to win, only a skilled few took home the hardware.

Representing Quebec, Eric Barnaby defeated Adam Clarke of Oromocto to take the NHL2K5 crown. 

Ryne Wood of Oromocto took on Markus Scott from Fredericton in the Doom3 final and came away victorious.

Finally, CMD with a mix of guys from Moncton and Fredericton and Oromocto took out Fredericton Based CBC-NB in the finals of the CS 1.6 Team Tournament. Aaron Roach (far right) also won the Halo 2 tournament in what was pretty much a cakewalk. This kid is good...REALLY good. No single competitor was able to even half his frag count in any given match.

The first, but not the last

After all was said and done, the first HardcoreWAR event was a giant success. Aside from the frustrating first couple hours dealing with the power load, everything went off without a hitch, which is good news, because this is only the first in what will be a long line of HardcoreWAR based events on both coasts.

Before we head out though I want to take a minute to thank our volunteer staff who without whom we could not have pulled off such a fun and successfull event:

  • Peter Marshal
  • Ryan Dunbar
  • Scott Brennan
  • Dan Flynn
  • Andrew Flynn
  • George Bidlake
  • Albert Neil

  • Great Sponsers!
  • Free Drinks and Munchies
  • Big Screen HLTV
  • The youngest person at the LAN winning the sword
  • Everyone LOVES free stuff!

  • Having problems with power after being assured we wouldn't
  • Canadian Customs Agents...