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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.08.05]
Presented by: hardCOREware and FCCS 


The Full Day of Hardcore Gaming

Everyone loves free stuff! Thanks our list of very generous sponsors we had a ton of great prizes to give away. The support from the hardware community for LAN events is always great and we want to take a quick moment out to thank each and every one of our sponsors who helped make HardcoreWAR East 2005 such a great event


As with any self respecting LAN party, we had PLENTY of Bawls beverages on hand

A quick shot from early on as people get set up and ready for the day of gaming. 

The Xbox competition was fierce, especially in the NHL2K5 tournament where almost every game was decided in the final five minutes.

Another shot of the gaming floor.

Here we have a couple gamers checking out what was one of the widely sought after prize of the LAN, the NZXT blade.

Try not to look TOO happy okay, you just won a complete Zalman cooling solution, it's not the end of the world. Trust me, this guy was smiling on the inside, he let out one of the biggest whoops when his number was called, not once, but twice in succession to outfit him with the finest silent cooling solution around

And the winner for the best hat goes too...this cat who was playing with DreamTeam.

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