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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.08.05]
Presented by: hardCOREware and FCCS 


HardCOREware does Gaming Right

FINALLY, Hardcore gaming has come to Atlantic Canada!

In a region full of LAN starved gamers, HardcoreWAR was a breath of fresh air. With the backing of a major online publication and some very generous sponsors, HardcoreWAR was able to attract gamers from all over New Brunswick and even as far away as Listiguj, Quebec to the Fredericton Inn for the day's events

Getting Ready

Behind every great event are selfless volunteers. Here we see a couple of ours, Peter Marshall and Andrew Flynn, involved in the tedium that is making Cat5e patch cables the night before


With that Gigabit LAN backbone and a T1 internet connection out of the building we had more than enough bandwidth to satisfy even the harshest of ping critics.

As you can see, we had plenty of room to accommodate up to 75 PC gamers along with the additional Xbox only gamers.

With everything set the night before, we were good to go.... or so we thought...

Unfortunately, like almost every first time LAN in history we were not without our share of problems. The biggest issue was of course power. Although we were assured by the Inn that we had more than sufficient capacity, within thirty minutes of opening the doors to attendees we had tripped multiple breakers. After two hours, numerous power outages, a ton of extension cords run from every other room on the floor and one unfortunate motherboard death we were back on track.

Thankfully from that point on things ran perfectly smooth allowing everyone to have a good time. Anyone who had been slightly annoyed by the problems of the first couple hours soon forgot all about it once we started handing out some of the great free gear that was on hand.

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