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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.07.05]
Manufactured by: Soltek

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PCMark 2004

PCMark 2004 takes various components of what we would do in day-to-day computing, and turns out a neat, comparable score. In the "System" suite, these are the tests that take place:

File compression
File decompression
File encryption
File decryption
Virus scanning
Grammar check
Audio conversion
Image processing
Web page rendering
WMV video compression
DivX video compression
Physics calculation and 3D

Many of these tests are 'pure CPU' tests, but one would expect the increase bus rate to increase performance a bit more than clock speed.

We also included the Memory test, and the 'pure CPU' test:

Again, the chipsets don't have much influence on the results of either of these test suites.

CineBench 2003

Cinebench is a software-based multi-threaded rendering benchmark. It is based on a real world platform; Maxon's CINEMA 4D R8 software, so while it is a synthetic benchmark, it should give an idea of how a system would perform in Maxon's rendering software:

The NF4 Ultra is starting to pull ahead here, even with the lower memory bandwidth.

Audio Encoding

Although Audio Encoding is almost entirely CPU-based, we're curious to see if different chipsets offer better performance. As usual, we used dbPowerAmp along with the three major codecs on a 45 minute track. 192 kbps CBR was the bitrate used on each codec.

Although the NF4 Ultra shows a little bit of an improvement in the OGG test, that is only because OGG takes so long to encode. If you're deciding on which codec to use based on time to encode, this graph will be of some use to you ;)

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