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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.07.05]
Manufactured by: Soltek

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Beta Version

The sample we received has what appears to be a beta CMOS, so keep that in mind should you spot any spelling mistakes in the following screenshots ;)

Memory Tweaking

All of the RAM tweaking options you could possibly want are here on the SL-K890 Pro939. Everything is here, including the 1T command rate, which can be a significant tweak to enable on AMD CPU's.

Health Page

Soltek calls their Health Page "SmartDoc Anti-Burn Shield" in the CMOS, leading me to believe there would be some nice options such as manual fan controls and shutdown temperatures. Instead, we get absolutely nothing more than voltage, temperature, and fan speed display.


When it comes to overclocking, you have a lot to work with on the K890 Pro939. CPU voltages are made in 0.25v increments, up to 1.55. DIMM voltages go up to 2.75v, in 0.05v increments. The PCI and PCI-E bus clocks are lockable as well.

Now, to see how this board performs...

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