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Fredericton Inn, Fredericton, NB, Canada
September 17-18 , 2005

$10,000 in prizes!

Click here for more details Presents: LANsomnia 2005

After the success of last springs hardcoreWAR East 2005 we're back with another major LAN event. This time we've teamed up with and The Centre for Arts and Technology to create the East Cost's premiere LAN gaming event with plenty of white knuckled edge of your seat goodness.

The event begins Saturday September 17th with doors opening at 10:00am and runs overnight ending at approx 3:00pm on Sunday September 18th

Featuring over $10,000 worth of prizes from sponsors such as Gigabyte, DFI, OCZ, NZXT, ECS, Zalman, Silverstone, Jumbo Video and Bawls, this is an event that you don't want to miss! We'll have a ton of prizes to give away from each of these sponsors!

We will be holding several game tournaments:

  • UT2K5 Individual Tournament
  • Counterstrike 1.6 Team Tournament
  • Battlefield 2 Team Tournament
  • Halo2 Xbox Individual Tournament
  • Halo2 Xbox 2v2 Tournament 
  • NHL2005 Xbox Individual Tournament
  • Plus tons of open gaming servers featuring your favourite games.

Also as part of the event we'll be hosting gamer oriented workshops including:

  • Get in the Game - Hosted by the Centre for Arts and Technology (Take photos of people and put them in the game)
  • Make your own MOD - Hosted by the Centre for Arts and Technology (Step by Step on how to make your own game level)
  • Late Night Overclocking Workshop - Hosted by hardCOREware
  • Xbox Modding Workshop - Hosted by Canmods

Registration is $15 pre-registered by September 9th, or $25 after.

Tentative Event Schedule Can Be Found HERE
Prize Listings Can Be Found HERE

Visit for more info, and to pre-register.