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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.20.05]
Manufactured by: Intel


Aquamark 3

First let's get our synthetic non-game tests out of the way:

After being smacked around in almost all of our Desktop application and Office tests, the FX55 is BACK for REVENGE. Starting.......NOW.

3dMark 2003 CPU Score

The 3dMark 2003 CPU test is a lot like our other gaming CPU tests - the resolution is simply lowered, to take the video card out of the equation. Expect this to look like most of the other gaming tests:

Is the FX55 kicking ass? Yep. Like I said.

3dMark 05 CPU Test

3dMark 05 takes a different approach in its CPU benchmark. In one of the tests, the flight path of the airship is dynamically being calculated; it's not a simple 'replay' like a regular timedemo. Although I'm not sure what real-world application this replicates...

So while the FX is better at pushing pixels, the P4 seems to excel in more complicated tasks. As you can see, the extra L2 cache is definitely showing a benefit here.

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