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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.15.05]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

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At this point, we have pretty much run out of "SLI Certified Games" to benchmark. From here on out, the games we're using are NOT recognized by NVIDIA to benefit from SLI. Let's see what happens when we force it on anyway:

Unreal Tournament 2004

The UT2K4 engine is an extremely widely used 3D engine, in FPS games mostly. While the upcoming Unreal 3 is already SLI Certified, this version of the engine is not.

Well it seems like SLI actually does have an effect on performance, when Anisotropic and Antialias filtering are used. Unfortunately, that doesn't help the 6600GT based 3D1 to bypass the 6800GT.

Scrapland Demo

Otherwise known as "American McGee's Scrapland", this game has some very nifty 3D effects, including motion blur and blooming. Unfortunately, it is not SLI Certified:

This time there is no way around it: Both forms of SLI simply slowed this game to a crawl. Even at our lowest settings, the 6600GT had trouble giving playable framerates. On the other hand, the 6800GT performed admirably well.

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