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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.15.05]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte

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Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI Motherboard $215 $203.68 198.00

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Doom 3

There is no way NVIDIA would let Doom 3 get away with not being "SLI Certified". Let's see how how the 3D1 does here:

Once again we are seeing the 3D1 outperforming the 6800GT, and getting some very playable framerates.

Far Cry

Another SLI Certified game:

This is where things get interesting. At 1024x768 with no advanced filtering, we saw no performance increase at all from SLI. To see any benefit, the filtering or resolution had to be increased. Of course at that point, the 6600GT cores, with their 128 MB of memory on a 128 bit bus and low fillrate simply choked. For roughly the same price as a single 6800 GT, you wouldn't be happy with these results.

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