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By: Norman Tan [02.03.05]
Manufactured by: Logitech



Usually, I hop on over to the company’s website to get the latest drivers and such. No go with the MX3100 this time so I was forced to *gasp* load them from the cd. I have to say, I was impressed. The new Setpoint program combines the administration of the keyboard and mouse into a single unified program and it worked well.




Unfortunately, not all the buttons could be programmed so that ability is something that I would love to see in a driver update.




The thing I like about Logitech stuff is that for the most part, it just works so that you can concentrate on doing the things you want to do on the computer. The mouse is a real fine piece of engineering with its amazing ability to come out of standby with no perceivable lag whatsoever. The one issue that I had with the mouse was that the default actions for them were "Forward" and "Backward". That didn't work so well in some programs (notably Firefox). I had originally mapped them to Alt-left arrow, Alt-right arrow to make them work properly, but it turns out that setting them to the "Generic Button" worked even better. Apart from that minor issue, the mouse is simply flawless.


In regards to the keyboard, it’s really a mixed bag. On one hand, the improved left scroll wheel and the zoom buttons were a huge improvement in terms of functionality. The feedback on the keyboard was initially quite soft, but now that I type on it more, I find that it has the perfect amount of feedback in terms of clickiness and softness. If anything, it really made me improve my posture.


As for negatives, I can’t say I agree with the diet that many of the keys and buttons went on. Yes, it allows you to fit more on a keyboard, but when hitting the top row of F keys, I found myself hitting the wrong ones quite often. The extra size of the delete key is also something that I can’t quite agree with (I'm sure I'm not the only one who used Ctrl+Ins and Shift+Ins to cut and paste on occasion). Finally, the fact that the “audio presets” buttons were hardcoded to Media Player and couldn’t be changed was something that really detracted from the functionality of this keyboard. I’m hoping that with a driver refresh, the ability to program all the keys will work their way in.


As I sit here typing on the combo, I have to say that I am once again another pleased Logitech user. There really isn?t much more to say about the combo that I haven?t already said. The mouse, keyboard and software are all damn good. Yes, there are improvements that can be made on the software side, but I expected that it will happen sooner rather than later.

The keyboard on the other hand, could use a little work. The buttons were really too small, and detracted from what would otherwise be a very good package.

All in all, this combo still scores high because it has most of the right stuff.

  • Excellent mouse design with no lag
  • Side scroll wheels kick ass
  • Near perfect software

  • Small buttons on keyboard
  • Microsoft style delete button

Final Score: 91%