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By: Norman Tan [02.03.05]
Manufactured by: Logitech


The MX3000 Keyboard

The first thing that I noticed about this keyboard is that it is built very well. Whereas some keyboards creak and have this general flimsiness to them, this keyboard is built Ford tough. It also features 27 (!) buttons and 3 (!) scroll wheels.

Looking at the left of the keyboard, we see a redesigned scroll wheel that features, left-right scrolling, up-down scrolling and up-down cruising (the silver buttons). To make your life even easier, there is a zoom button (the silver one) that lets you zoom in and out of documents. The other buttons perform various functions such as Close, Task Switch, Back and open up various special folders. As we’ll see later, many of the buttons on this keyboard are programmable.



Side scrolling to the middle of the keyboard, the scroll wheel has gone on a diet the other buttons have had babies. Lots of them. The audio presets buttons labeled 1,2,3 on the keyboard launched Windows Media player. In fact, that’s all they did and they weren’t programmable. I’m hoping that this will be changed in future revisions of the drivers.



Finally, we can to take a look at the right side of the keyboard. I can’t say I agree with Logitech in making the Delete key bigger; I quite liked the Insert key where it was. The F-mode key was also moved to this area and I think that makes a lot of sense. Toogle with your right hand and execute with your left – good old division of labour.


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