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By: Norman Tan [02.03.05]
Manufactured by: Logitech


Da Mouse, Da mouse, Da mouse is in the house.


By now, I’m sure most of the readers have read close to every review there is on the MX1000 mouse and know all about its super precise laser tracking system that is 20 times more accurate than any optical mouse there on the market. What’s one more?


A quick comparison between the new flagship product and the not so new, not so flagship MX700 mouse shows that the new MX1000 looks more like a Ferrari whereas the MX700 looks like a Beetle. MX1000: 1, MX700: 0.



Taking a closer look at the side, we can see that the ill-placed task button on the MX700 has been moved to someplace that makes a lot of sense. The back and forward buttons work the same as before, but with a slightly different look. They were a little more “clicky” which I liked. For most people, they know their wireless mouse is out of batteries when it stops moving, but now, you need not worry! There’s a convenient battery gauge built right into the mouse.



The scrollbar of the mouse has been significantly improved. One annoyance that I had with the cruise up and cruise down buttons (analogous to using page up and page down) on the MX700 was that they were just too small to be useful. The MX1000 Mechanism greatly improved upon that. New in the MX1000 is the addition of a side-scroll (you move the wheel left and right). When looking at landscape documents, this is *very* useful. .



Finally, we come to the redesigned base station/recharging base for the mouse. There were again, huge improvements in this area. Unlike the MX Duo base where you had to fiddle around with the mouse to get it to line up with the charging pins, this base station is much more user friendly.


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