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By: Norman Tan [02.03.05]
Manufactured by: Logitech



When the MX1000 was launched as the successor to the highly successful MX700, it took all the things that made an MX700 good, and made them even better. People all over the world rejoiced and there was world peace as the leaders of the world announced that yes, the MX1000 was indeed the best mouse in the world. But wait…


Heads rolled and Logitech's phone lines were inundated with people demanding a matching keyboard to go with their new blue MX1000. Ok, not quite.

It has certainly been a painful couple of months though. The MX1000 was launched in September of 2004 and it was just this January at CES that the company announced a combo would be made available… in March for the European market and in April for the American market.  The painful wait for the end consumers is going to be even longer. On the bright side, you can see all the gory details (yes, I said gory) of the combo right here on HCW.

Here's another picture for good measure.

Read on to see if this combo is a worthy succesor to the MX Duo...

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