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By: Trevor Flynn [01.25.05]
Reflections by Carl Nelson

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Maximum PC/Mobile PC Party

The Maximum PC party was held at the very posh Ghostbar in the Palms hotel and casino. After getting pass the initial "are you on the list" checkpoint in the lobby we were ushered into and exclusive elevator which took us to the bars location on the 35th floor.

Of all the parties, this one by far had the best food! The lamb was so amazingly good. In terms of events they had a prize wheel set up which everyone attending the party got to spin each with a chance of winning either a USB Swiss Army Knife, a Dancing Robot, or top prize, and Ipod! Of course, all three of us from Hardcoreware somehow ended up landing on the foolish dummy prize which was especially painful after watching Moto from The Techzone snag an Ipod on the wheels first spin (especially when you consider that he already has one!).

Aside from the wheel though, there wasn't a whole lot of action going on. To keep things interesting Serai and Jasmine from Cooltronics decided to build a little campfire out of matches and half an apricot.

Maximum PC always throws a great party. I was only TWO CLICKS AWAY from winning an iPod on that wheel! And I have to agree with Trevor; the lamb chops were amazing! The servers quickly learned that our table was the one to visit first when they were serving the lamb. I will never go back to chicken wings after eating these!

And as always, the shrimp cocktail at Ghost Bar was deliciously fresh and juicy. Unlike most of the food in Vegas, this stuff was quality.

One quick phone call downstairs told us that the Realm Systems Spy Another Day party happening at the same time was rocking, and with that we were off.

Realm had taken over the Rain nightclub, also in the Palms hotel and casino, in order to launch their new Mobile Personal Server, and man did they put on a show. First up was a full production short (can be viewed here) "film" staring Gary Coleman and John Lovitz (who also happen to be investors). Basically a James Bond spoof that more or less explainsedhow the MPS works. It's worth a watch for sure.

One of my highlights of the trip was honestly standing next to Gary as they displayed the film starring himself. I had to lean waaaaaaay back to be in the same frame! Gary Coleman RULES! Who else bought Diff'rent Strokes Season 1 the day the DVD came out?

Realmsys then followed things up with a Rocking live performance from Shinedown.

The energy these guys put into what was a truly amazing live show in front of an mostly unappreciative crowd pretty much made the entire trip worthwhile for me.

Another highlight of my trip was witnessing Shinedown absolutely ROCK, even though most of the press-nerds sat in the back, trying to ignore the performance. The very next day, we headed down to Virgin Megastore to pick up their CD. Fortunately for us (but unfortunately for Virgin I guess), Virgin was closing out the very next day, and they had a 50% discount on EVERYTHING in the store. I walked out with over $120 worth of CD's and music DVD's ranging from Kraftwerk, to Revolting Cocks, to The Neverending Story soundtrack.

After rocking out to an all too short set from Shinedown, we were on the move again. This time we headed over to the Paris Hotel and Casino for the Monster Dealer Awards hosted by Monster Cable. Monster (they have since dropped 'cable' from their name, since they now carry everything from cables to power supplies to breath mints) puts on this show mostly to the benefit of their dealer network. They usually hire a big name to perform for everyone, and this year it was Rod Stewart.

The cab lines in Vegas were nuts. We were looking at a minimum thirty minute wait for a cab. So instead of waiting in line like all the other suckers, we decided to travel in style.

There weren't any Hummer-zines available so we settled on a stretch Suburban instead.

(Un)Fortunately for me I somehow managed to misplace my ticket to the show during the Shinedown set, and with a strict "ticket holders only" policy in place I decided to instead burn some time in the casino while the others went on ahead.

In the end I didn't feel too bad about missing out. Aside from losing the money I had won the night before, the house band in the casino was rocking, and was Rod Stewart after all. After about ten minutes into watching an old Aussie man lip sync "classic" American songs, both Carl and Norman decided to join me back in the casino.

I stayed for 2 or 3 songs. After seeing the performance put on by Shinedown, it was almost depressing seeing Rod Stewart breeze through his songs with little effort. It was clear who truly enjoyed performing their music for a miniscule audience, and who was doing as nothing more than 'grunt work' for even the most appreciative crowd who came to see the show.

After a nice midnight dinner at one of the casino's "French" cafes, it was time again to call it a night.

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