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By: Trevor Flynn [01.25.05]
Reflections by Carl Nelson

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Day 3


Day three started off once again with some fine lunch @ Piero's. This time we made a stop by the S3 booth as we had missed them the day before. (this time we made it for lunch just before they closed at 2pm... Damn you OCZ and your never-ending flow of booze!)

S3 was showing off their three latest video cards which ranged from the mid range gaming card, to the budget low end gaming card, along with a All-in-wonder style TV-Tuner card.

S3 stated that their Delta Chrome S8 gaming card was comparable to around a 6600GT level. Their demo had it playing HL2 quite nicely at high quality settings. Traditionally S3 has had problems with stable driver releases, but if they've curbed this trend they might have a shot at competing with ATI and Nvidia for that all important midrange market.

The card in the middle really peaked my curiosity though, the Delta Chrome S8 ULP. It is fully DX9 complaint but only performs at just above the FX5200 range. Here's the catch though, it's passively cooled.

Actually the model on display didn't even have a heatsink period, and was able to do a nice job of running an NHL2005 demo. Operating at only 2.5W (half of the typical consumer graphics card) this card might be ideal for the silent PC enthusiast.

From Piero's we headed out once again to the LVCC, this time however with companies of interest mapped out before hand. The amount of exhibitors was so massive that you could realistically spend the entire four days in only one of the six different presentation halls.


First up on our list of places to see was Silverstone who had a wide array of new cases, many of them still prototypes on display.

If shuttle owns the SFF market, Silverstone is definitely poised to become THE makers of HTPC cases. It was nice to see that Silverstone is on top of things as well when it comes to Intel's new BTX motherboard standard as they had an early prototype of their first BTX case on display.

I think we might have been the only people to see the inside (not that it's THAT big of a deal, but it made me feel special). Notice the giant duct on top of the processor which vents out the front. This is how CPU cooling will be handled on BTX boards.

Silverstone also had their lineup of power supplies on display, both regular and fan less.

Look for some PSU roundups and reviews from Norman including units from Silverstone in the near future.

As I had suspected when reviewing the fanless 300W power supply, it turns out the unit is actually a 500W server PSU, which Silverstone officially rated at 300W for home users. This is really one of the nicest PSU solutions I've encountered, and runs my HTPC 24/7.


Wintec is another relatively new manufacturer to the North American mainstream market and they were showing off their new line of DDR2 AMP-X memory modules. The AMP-X line is designed for ultimate performance while their AMPO line is designed for reliability at a lower price point

These DDR2 sticks will be included in an upcoming DDR2 roundup. As well we hope to receive some of their low latency PC3200 to see how they stack up against the like of OCZ's EL Rev. 2 Modules.

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