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By: Trevor Flynn [01.25.05]
Reflections by Carl Nelson

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DFI/Corsair Party

The DFI/Corsair joint party was held at the Bellagio hotel as well, although a couple floors down from the penthouse of the night before. A much smaller gathering, this event was packed with a venerable who's who of online publications with people from [H], Anandtech, and who knows, probably even Tom's. Corsair was showing off their new XMS Expert memory that had just been released that day.


The new DDR2 memory is featured here on DFI's new Nforce4 SLI motherboard. As you can see the memory features a scrolling marquee across the top. We expect to review these products in the coming weeks, so watch for full details.

Apart from that there wasn't a whole lot of interest, plus there wasn't much for food (we hadn't eaten since Lunch @ Piero's), so with the help of some VIP front of the line passes from Vivian of DFI (Thanks!!) we headed down to the famous Bellagio buffet for a bite to eat.

Half of those plates belong to Norman alone. Five hundred or so food items and the guy was lucky to find a single one that met his high standards. Fortunately I'm not a picky eater so I had myself a very enjoyable meal.

Unfortunately I hold the same high standards as Norman, and thus I wasn't really able to enjoy my meal as much either. I'm not sure why "Vegas Buffets" have such good reputations.. I guess people are more into 'quantity' over 'quality' in a place where excess is highly encouraged.

Now that our bellies were full again it was time to head back up to the suites, but this time to a party hosted by the good people from OCZ. Being a bit later in the evening, some people had by this time had their fill of drinks from the open bar. I actually took this picture because I thought John (from The Tech Zone) was abut to kiss Oleg (From TargetPC) and thought I might make myself some cash on the side. (Un)Fortunately they just sat and had a good cuddle instead.

The most disturbing part is that it wouldn't have been the first time!

Notice the little box Oleg is holding in his hand. As a party favor, the guys from OCZ were chucking these randomly into the crowd of people, each containing a $5 chip from the casino downstairs. Lucky me I somehow was able to turn that $5 into $72.50 after two spins in a nickel slot machine!

I have to say that the guys from OCZ were a very cool bunch. I got to meet the engineer whose job is push each stick of RAM as far as he possibly can in order to find the absolute max limits. As a point of interest for the overclockers, he has a fondness for Epox motherboards.

One of the systems being displayed at the party was this cool little SFF unit from FIC.

This looked like the ultimate in a portable LAN party box. I really like FIC's old Ice Cube SFF case and hopefully we'll be able to get one of these new units in for a review in the near future. I didn't take any pictures of the memory on display, because well it's memory and it all pretty much looks the same. I you don't already know how much we love OCZ's product line though then I suggest you take a look at our memory review section. Keep and eye out for the upcoming DDR2 roundup that will feature their new low latency DDR2 modules.

So that about does it for Day 2. I had another photo I was going to post here of a guy from the Inquirer who went to the AVN prior to the OCZ party and had gotten Ron Jeremy to sign his moobs (Man Boobs), but I decided in the end to save you all the horror that is that image.

We had to wash our eyes out with bleach after witnessing that.

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