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By: Trevor Flynn [01.25.05]
Reflections by Carl Nelson

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Our good friends from over at Zalman also had a presense at Piero's displaying the latest update to their noiseless case system, the TNN500A

They also were displaying a newer/smaller version of this case to the media, that will not be a 'totally noiseless system' but a 'quiet' one. We are not able to show you any pictures of it as it is still under NDA and in fact was hidden under a black sheet and only exposed to a select few. I can say this much though, the newer case is MUCH more aesthetically pleasing that the current version and at it's smaller form factor should be a bit cheaper than the current model as well.

Mad Dog

Mad Dog is a company that I had admittely never heard of before, but they were offering and interesting range of products.

With items ranging from modular power supplies, to both ATI and Nvidia midrange video cards, to cooling and modding products, Mad Dog seems to have anything a "mainstream" user would need. I say "mainstream" because, let's face it, the 9550 and 5700 are not the gamers video card of choice. I do however enjoy their branding image, and could see them easily slipping into the enthusiast market with a couple reasonably priced mid to high level cards.

With some good food in our bellies we headed out to the LVCC to walk the CES main floor. Just across the road from the convention center, Motorola had this sweet snowboard ramp set up with boarders doing tricks.

Definitely an eye catcher that's for sure. How sweet would it be to get paid to snowboard all day in the middle of the desert!

Being our first day on the floor, we decided to go big right away and headed to the main hall where all the big boys (Intel, MS, HP etc...) set up, and I have to tell you, I was a bit disappointed. Pretty much every manufacturer had a different flavor of the same thing. There are only so many ways you can set up a PC to be a TIVO device using Windows Media Center. Not only did was everyone displaying products offering this capability (each on the biggest flat screen they could find) but there were multiple session going on explaining how great it was going to make your life.

On a brighter note though, we did spot Conan Obrien doing an interview for Tech TV (Probably about how much he loves his Media PC).


Really the only other thing of interest that I saw that first day on the floor was this 72 inch plasma screen from LG which holds the current claim for worlds largest plasma display.

mmm MMM, that's some nice couch potato goodness right there!

After some time spent in the press lounge getting caught up with the goings on from the rest of the world, it was time to end our time at the LVCC for the day and head off for some more parties.

After a long night of working, you would shorten your work day too!

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