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By: Trevor Flynn [01.25.05]
Reflections by Carl Nelson

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The Techzone/Cooltronics Party

Quickly growing into one of THE parties to attend at CES, The Night Before CES party was held in the Grand Penthouse of the Bellagio Hotel, which boasts one of the best views of the strip in Vegas.

Being the only major party happening on the evening, and with a live DJ flown in from Seattle, the suite filled up pretty fast.

The party was sponsored by Abit and OCZ as well Creative jumped in with some free swag to give away. It was nice to mix and meet with other writers from other sites, as well as some of the engineers and PR reps from Abit and OCZ.

As an added little bonus, Doom3 world champ Fatal1ty was on hand and taking on all comers with six grand on the line for anyone who could beat him 1v1 though it could've been five million as no one even came close.

Day 2

Day two began with Lunch at Piero's. A high end Italian restaurant close to the LVCC, Piero's was taken over by Pat Meier-Johnson and her team for two days of working lunches where exhibitors were able to set up shop in an exclusively press-only environment. It was nice to be able to interact with manufacturers without have to shout over the noise that is the CES show floor. Plus the food was excellent!

Lunch @ Piero's is always one of the events I look forward to most at CES and Comdex. Although for me it is more like "Breakfast @ Piero's", it is great to be fed when I get up (remember, starve a cold, feed a hangover), and at the same time meet up with quite a few companies with products that relate to the site.


VIA had one of the larger presences at Piero's showing off everything from new chipsets to SFF media PC boxes. They had one table showing off some pretty slick media devices manufactured by companies like Video Without Boundaries and Niveus Media based on their C3 processors and Epia motherboards.


Packing enough juice to run Windows Media Center 2005, and it's ability to be passively cooled really makes the C3 processor tough to beat if you're planning on building a strictly HTPC media box.

Via also had their latest P4 chipset on display. With both high speed and half speed PCI-E slots as well as onboard 8-channel audio it looks to be a good one.

One thing I found particularly interesting though is that the PCB was labeled as a VT8366A which is the name for their old Apollo KT266a chipset.

Apparently VIA truly abides by the old "Reduce-Reuse-Recycle" mantra.

(Note, we know it's just a beta board, we're not implying anything here, VIA!)

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