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By: Trevor Flynn [01.25.05]
Reflections by Carl Nelson

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mmMMmm Chocolate

It was at this point that I knew I was in Vegas

Giant chocolate fondu fountains!

Voodoo PC

Although we typically frown on prebuilt machines, out the entire high end PC Manufacturers market, Voodoo is definitely one of my favourites with some very unique system offerings. The main system they had on display was the Voodoo Vibe which is being sold as their high end gaming/media box.

For those of you unable to see the system in the above picture I'll include a couple more below.

The unit optionally comes with a matching red Xbox that also doubles as a PC to TV steaming device. Anyone with a lack of ambition to build their own and the cash to spare to buy the best wouldn't go wrong picking one of these beauties up.

Voodoo products? What voodoo products? Don't tell anyone, but I am officially in love with the Voodoo Doll


Sony was displaying their newest AIBO robotic dog model, the ERS-7M2. I've always thought these little robotic dogs were cool if impractical.

Sony has added some very nice features with the new model though. Along with voice and pattern recognition, a built in streaming cam and wireless access to your PC (so you can check on your house when you're away from home), the new AIBO also has the ability to not only detect when it's batteries are running low, but to also locate it's charger and recharge it's batteries when necessary.

No comment on whether it humped my leg.

There was also a PSP floating around somewhere but unfortunately we would have had to fight through a crowd of nerds to merely catch a glimpse of the unit.


Now admittedly this isn't going to be something that will appeal to many of our readers, but as an Office Technology Consultant by day, I thought this was pretty sweet.

These are Silex's new family of Virtual USB network servers. Basically they allow wirelessly network up to 15 USB devices of any kind (with a USB hub). That includes anything from USB hard drives, to digital cameras, and more importantly multifunction printer devices allowing all users on the network to interact with each device as though it was connected directly to their machine.

With our walk around completed it was time to head off to the real event for the night, The Techzone/Cooltronics night before party.

My motto for CES: Day One = Day Fun!

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