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By: Trevor Flynn [01.25.05]
Reflections by Carl Nelson

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Next up was Panasonic who had their Toughbook line of laptops on display. The model we were checking out was the Fully Rugged Toughbook-18 Tablet.

So of course, taking the bait, we asked the rep, "just how tough are these things anyway?" To which his response was to take the unit and then proceed to bowl it across the showroom floor. Seeing that we were only mildly impressed, he then began to jump on top of the tablet with both feet.

Now remember this is all taking place with the unit turned on and running. After doing the happy dance on top the tablet he opened it back up and placed it back on top of the table to show Windows still running perfectly. Not too shabby says I.

Quite impressive! On top of that, he told us a story of a smart-ass press member trying to convince him that there must be some HDD head-parking trickery involved (think "an air bag for your notebook" from IBM, where it simply means the HDD head parks when it detects G shock).

In an attempt to prove himself right, he requested the Panasonic rep to do a HDD defragmentation while bowling the notebook across the floor. Panasonic obliged; confident but surely wary of what was going to happen. Sure enough, the HDD survived, and the press member walked away, dismayed and red in the face.


Along with their new line of HyperX DDR2 memory modules (which we will be reviewing soon!) Kingston also had a couple of nice looking mods setup. The first case mod being of the SFF variety.

Apparently an employee from AMD who enjoys modding in their spare time created this case. The second was just your basic clear PC, but in more of a cube format, with a nice wiring job.


Even though Iogear isn't a name we hear much in our product coverage, I thought this little item warranted a mention.

It's basically just an optical mini mouse for laptop use, but it comes with two nice features. First the retractable USB cord, but secondly and more importantly it has 64MB of internal memory that allows it to double as a flash drive. Now if only they can make it wireless as well!

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