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By: Trevor Flynn [01.25.05]
Reflections by Carl Nelson

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Day 4

Although CES didn't officially end until Sunday, Day 4 was to be my last day in Vegas as I was taking the redeye back home that evening. We decided to make a final trip back to the LVCC, this time taking in the large tents set up across from the LVCC itself to see what some of the smaller exhibitors had to offer.

On the way there, we ran into what has got to be one of the sweetest truck sound systems ever.

As we were walking by the bed of the truck was just beginning to raise itself up, and by all acounts it looked almost like a mini dump truck of sorts. Then the top flipped open to reveal a massive portable sound system.


ColorVision had the latest version of their Spyder on hand, the Spyder 2 Pro. The Spyder is a device which hooks to your CRT, LCD or laptop screen and is able to sense you exact color/contrast levels etc...

The cool thing though, is not that it is able to sense your current settings, but that it is able to tell you exactly what settings need to be changed and by how much in order for you to have the perfect calibration. Priced at right around $200 this could be a very valuable tool for a digital photographer, graphic designers or even hardcore gamers who want to view things exactly as they were intended.

Electric Spin

As an avid golfer living in Eastern Canada where golf season is only three to four months long at best, I was very intrigued and extremely impressed with the new Golf Launchpad from Electric Spin

The device is made with a regulation golf ball attached to a flexible tether on top of synthetically simulated turf. I've seen devices like these before but that instead had the ball hanging from a string, and to be honest looked to be very cheaply constructed.

One of the big keys to the Golf Launchpad's design is the flexible tether that allows the ball to spin and therefore accurately simulate the sound, feel and experience of striking a free ball

Using precise optical sensor embedded underneath the turf track, the Golf Launchpad is able to accurately track your clubs movements in relation to the ball and transfer it through a simple USB port to your computer.

The Launchpad comes bundled with EA Sports Tiger Woods 2004, but will work with any version post 2003, as well as with the popular MS Links games.

With any luck we'll be able to get one of these units in for review, as the only real question I have is how well it will hold up under extended use.

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