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By: Trevor Flynn [01.25.05]
Reflections by Carl Nelson

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Behind the Times?

So yeah, I know what you're saying. CES? Wasn't that last week's news? Well yes I suppose it is, but thanks to US Air and their lovely baggage handling department, my CES travel only officially ended six days after arriving home. Plus you know...after taking CES HCW style, I needed at least a week minimum for my head to clear before attempting to write anything coherent.

Now since this report is coming a week after the fact we'll assume that most of you have read numerous other CES reports and have gotten all the "dirt" we'll focus more on what we (or more specifically me since I had the camera) found to be particularly interesting and worthy of a mention...and yes, that DOES include the parties! Instead of your typical CES roundup, this will read more a mini diary of my first CES experience (and first trade show experience in general).

With that in mind, let's move on to what you've all been waiting for.

Unlike Trevor, this is not my first CES experience. I was looking forward to introducing 2 of our writers to the fun that can be had at huge international trade shows (let's just forget about Comdex ok?). My comments will be in grey, and were written after Trevor submitted the article.

Day 1

Day 1 is actually more like day -1 if you go by the official CES dates. The day for me started at the ungodly hour of 4:00 AM (yes they have a 4:00 in AM too!) having traveled the night before from New Brunswick, Canada to Bangor ME in order to catch a cheap (two stop) flight to Vegas. As brutal as the timing was though flying over Manhattan at six in the morning was very cool.

Sixteen hours later I was finally in our hotel and ready to go. Even though CES didn't officially start until the next day there were pre-parties to attend.

Conversely, Norman and I flew in from Vancouver, arriving to a cold, wet Vegas at around noon. Since we had been up since 5am that morning, we decided to rest until Trevor arrived. He's a trooper that guy!


First out of the gate was a small gathering at the Venetian put on by InFocus, one of the leaders in digital projection. As far as CES parties go, this one was a more intimate affair, and really more of a warm up of things to come. Being a newbie though I didn't know any better and was happy to sit and drink my free drink and eat my bowl of desert thinking this was normal. In terms of products all that were on display were two office projectors, one giant multimedia projector, and this super thin Micro Display TV.

Say hello to the TD61 a 61 inch thin DLP display. The screen was quite impressive, but even more impressive was the fact that it is only 6.5" deep. That is quite a feat for a rear projection TV!

Digital Experience

Put on by Pepcom Inc. Digital Experience is basically the show before the show, taking in a wide range of vendors with "digital" product lines and it offers a smaller more personal venue for companies to show off their wares.

Each year the event goes with a special theme, this year the them was "Alien Invasion"

After getting some food and beverages into us we walked the floor. The following are the items that caught our eyes.

Being the nice guy that I am, I set aside a little blue alien to bring home to my girlfriend. Unfortunately, when I left him on the table to get another martini, I returned to find someone had swiped my alien! My bag and press material was still there. Why someone would steal a free souvenier is beyond me, but luckily Pepcom had another available for me.


Canon's table had everything a digital video/photographer would need displaying everything from MiniDV cams to high quality photo printers.  What really caught our eye though (Norman's especially) was an SLR camera equipped with one of Canon's super telephoto L series lenses 

I believe this picture was taken the instant just before Norman actually messed in his pants.

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