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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [04.06.05]
Manufactured by: Clever Power, Enermax, Silverstone, Skyhawk, Ultra Products

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Skyhawk GM-620SC 570W Power Supply

Known for their inexpensive cases, Skyhawk has recently expanded with their product line. It's finished in this brushed gunmetal look, but is pretty unspectacular. One interesting thing to note is that the fans in this power supply will turn off when it isn't under load to help keep your system quiet.

This powersupply is one of them. Out of the powersupplies tested, the Skyhawk was the only one with a modular design. Not good or bad mind you, just thought I'd mention it.

Finally, a quick look at the guts.

Definitely not bad at all, considering that this is one of the cheapest power supplies of the bunch.

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