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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [04.06.05]
Manufactured by: Clever Power, Enermax, Silverstone, Skyhawk, Ultra Products

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Enermax EG701P-VE (24P) 600W Power Supply

As you can see, the Enermax is finished in a very attractive blue. Though not as nice as say, the Silverstone which you will see, it's nevertheless very nice.

So what exactly do we get for our money? How does seperate 12V rails sound? The Enermax has individual rails supplying the MB/CPU and your harddrives to ensure that your system gets the cleanest power that it can.

Another thing to note is the little dial below the 80mm exhaust fan. Think of that as a fan controller which will help you keep your noise levels down (hence the NoiseTaker name). In addition to that, the fans are controlled by a thermostat to ensure that the fans spin up only when you want to (yeah yeah, I know, standard stuff that most power supplies have). One thing to note about this Enermax that makes it just a little bit more special is that the fans continue to spin for 2 minutes after computer shut down to help with the cooling of your parts.

Taking a look at the inside of the power supply, we see that Enermax did not skimp on the construction of this power supply at all. This power supply is a beast and is nice and heavy.

Let's take a look at the connectors provided shall we?

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