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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [04.06.05]
Manufactured by: Clever Power, Enermax, Silverstone, Skyhawk, Ultra Products

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Benchmark Setup

To test out these PSUs, the following test setup was used.

P4 3.4E Prescott
512 megs dual channel OCZ ram
120 gig Seagate IDE HD
Nvidia 5700 Ultra

All PSUs were allowed to idle for 10 minutes and then were loaded with two instances of prime and 3d mark was looped for approximately 15 minutes.

Benchmark Results

Here, the Enermax leads the pack with the Silverstone not far behind. Unfortunately, the 12 volt rail for the CleverPower appeared to be lagging behind that of the others.

Other Considerations

From the following chart, we can see the current for each of the rails which helps to explain some of the results. Of particular note is the CleverPower which has the poorest ratings of all the power supples. The weak 12V rail would definitely be to blame for the results seem above. In addition, it only has a one year warranty and an MBF of only 60,000 hours compared to the 100,000+ of the competitors. 

Joining the CleverPower at the bottom of our list is the Ultra with its mediocre rails as well.

Update: Silverstone contacted us to let us know that the warranty for the PSU is 3 years in Europe and 1 year in North America due to the differences in pricing structures (we get it for cheaper). The base product nevertheless remains the same.

  3.3V 5V 12 V Rail 1 12V Rail 2 MBF Warranty
Enermax 36A 45A 18A 17A >100K 3 Years
CleverPower 28A 45A 25A   60K 1 Year
Silverstone 40A 45A 16A 15A 100K 1 Year
Ultra 28A 28A 29A   >100K 1 Year
Skyhawk 45A 50A 40A   100K 3 Years

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