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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [04.06.05]
Manufactured by: Clever Power, Enermax, Silverstone, Skyhawk, Ultra Products

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The connectors

Out of the powersupplies, the Skyhawk and the Silverstone were the only who claimed to meet the EPS12V standard out of the box. Note the little tab to the left of the 24 pin connector. That's a sliding rail for the +4 connector there that can be slid off if you are connecting to a 20 pin motherboard. Why is there a blue molex there? Well, this powersupply can power-on only your cd-rom and play it through an audio bracket that is included.

Additionally, there are seven 4-pin molex connectors along with 2 floppy connectors.

.. but sadly, only 2 sata connectors. On the bright side, we see a PCIe connector as well!

That's it for the feature set. On to the testing!

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