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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.31.04]
Manufactured by: Shuttle

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USB2.0 Performance

Tests were done using Vantec's Nextar2 USB2.0 Hard Drive enclosure (the one we looked at for our "Portable Storage Guide 2004" article) and the same Seagate ATA100 used in the ATA tests.

Once again, things remain pretty even here.

Ethernet Performance

As you can see, the Marvell controller on the SN95G5 isn't exactly the best performer. To make matters worse, Shuttle COULD have used NF3 Ultra's own integrated MAC; all they needed to do was use a compatible controller. More likely, they had a ton of Marvell controllers available at the time, so used those instead. Too bad, because in addition to potentially superior performance, using the integrated LAN would have given the capability to use NVIDIA's awesome Firewall.

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