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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.31.04]
Manufactured by: Shuttle

Lowest Price Finder $344.12 $329.00
ZipZoomFly: $319.00

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Who Else?

Let's face it, Shuttle all but owns the SFF barebones market. Sure, others have tried to enter this market with varying degrees of success (see our Monarch Hornet Review for an example of not-so-successfull SFF system)

So if you're looking to build a SFF system, the first one you're likely to look at will be from Shuttle, even if based on reputation alone.

And if you're building that SFF system on AMD's Socket 939 platform, the SB95G5 is the one you'll want to look at. Based on the nForce3 Ultra chipset, this AGP system is what we're reviewing today.

nForce 3 Ultra is NVIDIA's last AGP chipset; starting with the nForce4, it looks like it will be PCI-E from here on out. Don't fret though, the NF3 Ultra is a great chipset. It features a 1 GHz HT link, SATA RAID, an integrated GigaE MAC, and an AGP/PCI bus lock. It also has a great Firewall application, although lacks the awesome hardware optimizations that were added to the NF4.

Unfortunately, like a few other motherboard makers, Shuttle took the 'cheap' way out, and didn't make use of the NF3's onboard GigaE controller. Instead, you get a slower Marvell chip, without the ability to use NVIDIA's robust Firewall.

However, everything else is there, so all is not lost. It's too bad that the SN95G5 is off to a rough start though; although you could argue that it makes up for it somewhat in the looks department:

This is actually Shuttle's 5th generation of the G chassis. A lot has changed since the G chassis made its debut, most notably the addition of drive bay covers. The SB95G5 has a nice aluminum finish, and it comes in any color you want, as long as it's black.

Price-wise, the SN95G5 is somewhat expensive for what is essentially a motherboard and case. Looking around, we found it for $344 at eCost and $329 at The lowest price we found overall was ZipZoomFly, for $319.

Let's dig into this thing, and see how it looks on the inside...

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