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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.23.04]
Manufactured by: Abit
Athlon64 3000+ CPU provided by

Lowest Price Finder: $112
SpaceCenter: $123
PCNation: $125

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USB2.0 Performance

Tests were done using Vantec's Nextar2 USB2.0 Hard Drive enclosure (the one we looked at for our "Portable Storage Guide 2004" article) and the same Seagate ATA100 used in the ATA tests.

Once again, things remain pretty even here.

Ethernet Performance

Let's just say that NF4 Ultra's Ethernet capabilities are well beyond those of ANY other board on the market. Read our Gigabyte NF4 Ultra review to see why. However the AV8 provides the most impressive PCI based GigaE performance I have EVER seen! CPU usage is much lower than what we're used to at that speed as well.

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