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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.23.04]
Manufactured by: Abit
Athlon64 3000+ CPU provided by

Lowest Price Finder: $112
SpaceCenter: $123
PCNation: $125

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The Test

To determine the performance of the AV8, we are comparing it to two chipsets from NVIDIA. First, the NFORCE3 Ultra, which represents VIA's main AGP competition. We also threw in the results from our tests with Gigabyte's PCI-E NFORCE4 Ultra review (since the tests were done at the same time). This should give you an idea on how "tomorrow's" chipset compares to this (in case you feel uneasy buying an 'old' chipset).

We used an ATI Radeon 9600XT for the AGP systems, and Radeon X600XT for the PCI-E system. The X600XT normally comes with a slightly higher clock speed, so we backed that down a bit to take out any possible discrepancies (the busses themselves shouldn't make a difference at this point).

All of the latest drivers were used. WindowsXP had SP2 installed, which includes DirectX 9.0c.

Memory Bandwidth

The AV8 stands up perfectly well to even the new NF4 Ultra. Why? Because the memory controller is on the CPU itself! These results should never be different from what they are here. If they are, then something is wrong.

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