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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.23.04]
Manufactured by: Abit
Athlon64 3000+ CPU provided by

Lowest Price Finder: $112
SpaceCenter: $123
PCNation: $125

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If you're going the AGP route in a new Socket 939 system, you have a wide array of boards to choose from. In fact, it's pretty much ALL you can get at the moment, as PCI-E boards based on NFORCE-4 are few and far between (although we have already reviewed one from Gigabyte that should be available soon).

You have two main chipsets to choose from; the NFORCE3 from NVIDIA, and the K8T800 PRO from VIA. Today we'll be looking at Abit's K8T800 PRO solution, the AV8.

The AV8 is priced quite well; we found it for around $125 at both SpaceCenter and PC Nation. mWave currently has the best deal going however, at just $112. As you'll see, it comes with quite a complete feature set.

Abit's boards come in what seems to be an exclusive shade of red which sets their boards apart from the rest. Of course, unless you buy nothing but Abit components, you'll have problems finding peripherals that match ;)

There's a lot to talk about regarding the layout of this board; some good and some bad. Let's get right to it!

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