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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.21.04]
Manufactured by: DFI

Lowest Price Finder: $168.50

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The Test

To get an idea on how this hybrid 875P/LGA-775 board performs, we are comparing it to several other Lanparty boards:

Lanparty PRO875B (Socket 478, 875P, DDR, AGP)
Lanparty 915P-UT (LGA-775, 915P, DDR2, PCI-E)
Lanparty 925X-T2 (LGA-775, 925x, DDR2, PCI-E)

So we have basically every solution available for a P4 CPU. Two previous generation chipsets, a new mainstream chipset, and a new high end chipset. So at the same time, we're going to find out how these chipsets really stack up against each other!

Test systems consisted of:

LGA775 CPU: P4 550 (Prescott 3.4 GHz)
S478 CPU: P4 Prescott 3.4 GHz

DDR2 Memory: Kingston DDR533
DDR Memory: Kingston DDR400

PCI-E Video Card: ATI Radeon X600XT (lowered memory clock to match that of 9600XT)
AGP Video Card: ATI Radeon 9600XT

Memory Performance

SiSoft Sandra 2004 SP2b

Now here's something I didn't expect! The 875P-T outperforms the 925X-T2! Actually so does the 915P board we tested! This tells us that the DDR2 we're using is actually quite slow (being an early generation product, it has super high latency timings).

System Performance

PCMark 2004

PCMark 2004 takes various components of what we would do in day-to-day computing, and turns out a neat, comparable score. In the "System" suite, these are the tests that take place:

File compression
File decompression
File encryption
File decryption
Virus scanning
Grammar check
Audio conversion
Image processing
Web page rendering
WMV video compression
DivX video compression
Physics calculation and 3D

Many of these tests are 'pure CPU' tests, but one would expect the increase bus rate to increase performance a bit more than clock speed.

We tested the 'system score' as well as throwing in another memory test:

ZDMedia Winstone

These tests were done before we had ZDMedia's latest benchmark suite. However the chipsets we're testing were current at the time Winstone 2004 were fresh, so no biggie ;)

Once again, the 875P-T2 is a killer performer! The 925X chipset is just not well suited for this 3.4 GHz CPU...

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