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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.21.04]
Manufactured by: DFI

Lowest Price Finder: $168.50

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CMOS Reloaded Reloaded Reloaded

Yes, this is the third generation of DFI's CMOS Reloaded; this version is more refined than ever, but doesn't add much to prior generations (not that there was much left to add mind you!). At the very least, this version is a LOT faster than prior versions.

This time you have up to four lines for each bank description (and four banks in total). Hotkeys can now be set to any key you wish, including F keys.

Health monitoring has never been a strong feature of the Lanparty series, and the trend continued here. There is a CPU Fan speed control, but it is undocumented so there is no telling what the settings do. It can be set as low as "20%", assuming this means 20% of the fan's maximum speed. However there is no telling at what point it runs at that speed, and how it ramps up to full speed... Having separate shutdown and warning temperatures is a nice feature though.

For a P4 board, there are quite a few tweaks available on the Advanced Chipset Features page. Marketing to overclockers, DFI knew that they had to allow buyers to be able to tweak their memory to the max - and they delivered!

Plenty of options are available in the overclocking section (dubbed "Genie Bios"). The FSB can be cranked up as high as 400 MHz (key in a number, no need to select from a range). CPU voltage can be set as high as 1.975V (in 0.125 increments), and memory voltage goes up to 3.2V (in 0.1V increments). Although DFI doesn't give you the best monitoring functions, the overclocking features are most certainly there for you.

Now it's time to see how this baby performs.

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