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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.21.04]
Manufactured by: DFI

Lowest Price Finder: $168.50

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Not quite ready for a full upgrade?

There's no denying that DFI made a big splash with the introduction of their LANPARTY series of motherboard kits. Before that, how many of us would actually consider DFI?

We have been overall pleased with the results we've seen from all of the Lanparty boards we've tested. DFI wasn't about to just sit around and spit out the same product over and over with new chipsets; no, they wanted to innovate a bit.

Enter the 875-T, a board that pairs Intel's latest socket architecture with a prior generation chipset.

Not to often will you see this Northbridge paired up with an LGA-775 socket

So why would you want such a product? Well perhaps you have a nice AGP video card in your AthlonXP or slower Pentium 4 system, and would like to upgrade to a newer platform. If you're thinking of going with a new P4 based system, you'll most likely be buying an LGA-775 processor. Of course, since those CPU's were meant to be used in a PCI-E system (in many cases, whether you like it or need it or not), you would normally have to upgrade your video card as well. If you just recently spend $400 or more one a new AGP card, that's a tough pill to swallow. That's one reason you should consider this board.

Furthermore, if you were to buy a 925x motherboard, you would also need to buy new DDR2 533 ram, which carries a huge price penalty with very little performance benefit over DDR 400. On top of that, many manufacturers make DDR ram that is easily capable of 533 and beyond.

Another reasonĀ is that it is easily the most kick-ass 875 based motherboard we have come across. You'll see why later.

Lanparty boards are famous for their robust package of included products in addition to the board itself. So let's take a look at what in included for "all of your desire"!

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