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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.09.04]
Manufactured by: Zalman

Lowest Price Finder: $50.99
SpaceCenter: $41.00 

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Choose Your Bracket

As I said on the previous page, several types of mounting brackets are included. Every modern CPU type is supported by the CNPS7700-Cu, including LGA775. It looks like Zalman has dropped support of Socket A. That's not entirely surprizing, considering that AMD will be discontinuing the AthlonXP at the end of this year. If you're looking at a Sempron based system for your silent PC, you could probably look at one of the prior CNPS coolers from Zalman.

The two brackets on the top are for LGA775. One part goes at the bottom of the board, while the other is attached to it from the other side. From there, you attach two clips to the CNPS7700 to the top bracket.

The AMD bracket is installed in a similar fashion, except that there is no top bracket. You just install the bottom one, and attach the clips of the cooler to that bracket.

The P4 installation is the easiest of all; it's done almost exactly like a stock P4 cooler. You will have to insert two aluminum pieces (seen in the bag on the bottom left of the image), and again attach the clips on the cooler to the brackets.

These installs might sound complicated, but honestly these kits are so well engineered, that they are a breeze to install. All the parts are made to exact specifications, and as long as you follow the easy instructions, everything fits absolutely perfectly. This is a trademark of Zalman (and in my experience, a lot of Korean companies).

Double Check!

One thing that I have to mention is that due to the size of the CNPS7000, it may not fit your application. Some motherboards place their CPU sockets higher than others, and the wide heatsink may protrude over the edge of the board after installation.

In addition to that, it might interfere with some northbridge heatsinks.

Neither of these were the case with the Lanparty 925X we tested the cooler on. As you can see, there is actually room to spare at the top of the board, so you could even install this in a small case, where the PSU is right next to the motherboard.

Other motherboards we tested it on were not so fortunate. On the Intel D915PBL, the heatsink hung over the top edge of the board by at least 1 cm. In this case, you would need to make sure you have enough clearance between the board and the PSU.

In the case of the Abit AA8, the clearance at the top was okay, but the odd side-mounted fan on the northbridge heatsink was in the way. Zalman recommends using one of their NB heatsinks, but you could just flip it around so it is facing the other way, or even better - remove the fan entirely.

If you're planning on using the CNPS7700 with one of those Gigabyte boards that have a "DPS" power adapter, forget it. They are completely imcompatible.

Zalman has several lists of motherboards, giving you the recommended amound of clearance above the board, and whether the heatsink will get in the way. I highly suggest you check to see if your board is on the list before purchasing this heatsink.

Now we just need to find out how it performs!

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